The Bellwoven Foundation

The Bellwoven foundation was created in 2010 with the sole aim of giving children in Bangladesh the opportunity to benefit from an education that we in the west take for granted.

Oliver Brabender, the founder of the foundation felt it was vital that we gave something back to the Bangladesh community that has made Bellwoven feel at home from day one.

Oliver’s vision was that we should offer under privileged children the opportunity to have schooling that normally they would not have the financial means to access. The foundations primary function is to provide scholarships to underprivileged children. The foundation works closely with schools across Bangladesh and Bellwoven Bangladesh financially supports children throughout their education.

The work that Bellwoven Bangladesh does, in particular the Trustee Mr Ezaz Osman has ensured that this vision is now a reality to many children in Dhaka.

The spirit of the foundation is simply that if you have the desire to learn Bellwoven will provide the financial support to achieve your goal.

The slogan of our foundation is “Helping Children to a brighter future”.

The Foundation has been an overwhelming success where our scholarships increase on an annual basis and more recently the Foundation has started an after school lesson project for street children supported by teachers from the surrounding schools and this is attracting hundreds of children who would normally not have any chance for any education.

The Foundation provides all the books and stationary for every pupil and uniforms for all the children so that they feel as important as each other and in turn contribute to the success of the Foundation.

Our first scholarships have now reached university level and the primary education offered to children extends now to over 400 children. The Foundation recently agreed to invest in a Computer Laboratory in the supporting schools where the children have access to the latest computer equipment and the Internet. These projects are fully supported by the Foundation and have proven to be a massive success in the promotion of education for the children.

In 2014, it was decided to celebrate the success of the Foundation by organising a T20 Cricket Tournament. This was a huge success and 20 schools from around Dhaka participated in the event where the final was attended by over 2000 supporters! This winners and runners up all were offered a full year scholarship. The success of this event has encouraged the Foundation to host this sporting event on a regular basis as it only helps the message of the work that the Foundation delivers.

Its founder, Oliver Brabender and the Trustees are determined to continue to drive this vision and dream that every child has the right for an education and every year the Foundation invests more to make this vision and dream come true.

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